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The need to read many modern people in question. As a source of information - the book is not relevant. With the Internet you can find any information faster and more specifically. Therefore, the assertion that the books make us smarter questioned. But we, nevertheless, consider offering the book - it is like an inexhaustible source of information. Of course, the network says a lot, but who is checking. Take any simple question, for example, how to grow a flower. Rest assured, if you do not stay on the first page of the found information, and scroll through the at least 10 variants, it will meet at least two opposing versions. One says that the flower loves the sun and plenty of water in the other - that it should be hidden from direct sunlight and protected from spillovers. What to believe? Or conduct experiments? The book also has a specific author, who is responsible to the reader for their texts. After all, if the case is not a flower, and, for example, issues of child rearing, the experiments are not appropriate. But the cost of failure can be too great. Read the book, a lot different. You will be more aware, to understand many things. Read what you really interesting. You will never regret the time spent on reading.

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